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What our guests said:

Why visit Porto Heli?

Porto Heli (also known as Porto Cheli) is a beautiful town located in eastern Peloponnese. Located inside Argolida Prefecture, Porto Heli is known for its beautiful beaches, as it’s built by the seaside. It’s known around the world as a unique destination. And that’s because it might be having beautiful beaches and breathtaking views, but it’s also a quiet and relaxing destination. There aren’t many destinations of such beauty that are also so peaceful and quiet.

But that’s not the only benefit Porto Heli’s visitors will enjoy. Porto Heli is close to other well-known destinations. Porto Heli’s visitors can stay in the town while being close to all of them. Such destinations include Epidavros and Ancient Nemea, two of Greece’s most known archaeological places. Kosta and Ermioni (meaning “Hermione”) are 2 places from which you can visit the island of Hydra and the island of Spetses, two of Greece’s most beautiful and most important historic places.

Porto Heli’s good weather makes the town ideal for those who love water sports. If you visit Porto Heli you will be sure that you will never get bored during your stay, since there’s plenty of activities visitors will enjoy.